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I am Charmi Shah and I am basically from Bangalore. By profession, I am a model and I love my work as Escorts in Bangalore. You can also say that my profession is my passion. I love it when a person's eyes shine while watching me.  People are different, each has its important qualities. For me, personal qualities are more important than social status or financial capabilities. I believe that when a person is beautiful with his soul and mind, success will follow him, no matter what he does.

As for my characteristics, I am a simple, but extraordinary lady. I am happy that I live in such a wonderful city in Bangalore. It is a very green and nice place for living. I will be your guide. I love the pub hopping. I am hard-working, purposeful, but a little stubborn. I am an optimist and enjoy every minute of my life as Escorts in Bangalore.

There are a lot of hobbies in my life. As a child, I studied guitar and even played the piano a little. I love painting very much, but unfortunately, I am not very beautiful. I am fond of photography. I like both to photograph and pornographic idea.

You will always see how it could be and imagine all the comfortable and intimate enjoyment that you can get Escorts in Bangalore.

I am looking for someone who will give me a feeling of security and stability. I want to spend a lot of time with my man. Someone self-sufficient and established man. I am seeking a man who will let me in his life and share his interests and favourites with me. A man who wants to be a part of my family. Someone ready to be in a long term relationship with me. If you have all these qualities, then feel free to message me anytime I will be your Escorts in Bangalore.

You can expect me to be a real character escort. Packed with charm and eagerness. Upon meeting me you will notice that I am not just liberal and free thinking in more private situations. But also, a very likable young escort lady. I am very bubbly, talkative and as perfectly suited to dinner dates and longer appointments as an Escorts in Bangalore. I am an hour of explosive Escorts in Bangalore. Making myself an upper class companion, who you are delighted to represent as an escort. Being a lady who loves hot sessions, full of penetration. Again, making dreams come true and fantasies unfold before my clients, if you wish to spice things up in the bedroom even further. which I will gladly bring along with my appointment.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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