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I am Palak Tiwari and you can say that I am a cheerful, kind, intelligent and friendly person. I enjoy spending my free time with my close people laughing and joking and I appreciate people with a good sense of humour. I never find myself holding any doubts with Escort agency in Bangalore.

By profession, I am a tourist agent and I am basically from Bangalore. I like to laugh a lot and to make other people smile. My close friends would describe me as sweet, innocent, crazy, and naughty sometimes. You can say that I am a very energetic and adventurous person. Being a tourist agent I got to travel a lot. I have had travel to almost every city in this country as my work schedule as Escort agency in Bangalore. 

Other than that, I also like to hang out with my close friends. I also love to watch suspense and thriller movies. I also watch melodramas sometime. Well, my dream is to visit Iceland with my future partner roaming around the ice and having a drink of whiskey together. 

I also love to play with dogs. I do not have a pet but I feed my street dogs and whenever I get time I play with them. I am looking for a partner who is also an animal lover. Someone who can take me to new and adventurous places. I am seeking a person who is a fitness freak, strong, emotional, and caring. I want a mature man who knows what he wants in his life. I want an honest, loyal, and faithful man. If you think that you can handle me and can be in a serious relationship with me, then feel free to drop me a text if you need some help from Escort agency in Bangalore. 

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I am very attractive escort and look amazing for my age. I have big hazel eyes, pouting red lips, perfect teeth and a very sexy smile. I have a very sensuous body. As an escort I always well dressed and presented. I am pretty and dainty look about me. I am eager to do well as an escort. I am genuinely Escort agency in Bangalore and can be seen with other bisexual couple.

I am a sexy curve bodied escort with tats and piercings in all the right places! I have a very taken a very sexy look, and a sexy short haircut. I like good food and travel, and I never leave my house without a vibrator. As a an Escort agency in Bangalore I don’t ask for a lot, just to be appreciated by a man.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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