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I am Hello all, my name is Krisha Makhija and I am basically from Bangalore. I am a happy, healthy, fun-loving lady, taking time to smell the roses. Love to be by the beach, anything to do with the outdoors. I am perceptive, thoughtful, warm-hearted, loyal and a realist. I suppose that what I am really looking for, is someone who is prepared to take the leap and to find out what lies at the end of the rainbow.

My friends would describe me as loyal, cheerful, polite, kind, good-natured, generous, and thoughtful and sultry Cheap escorts in Bangalore. I love to be with my family and wish to have my own soon. You can say that I am a simple woman with simple wishes. 

Other than that I love to drink coffee. I can drink coffee all day long. I love to go to cafes with my close friends and to hang out with them. I also like pubbing, partying and to visit music concerts. I prefer to live a happy and exciting life as a Cheap escorts in Bangalore. 

Cheap escorts in Bangalore never run out of ideas how to please and make you feel like you have the best time ever.

I would like to meet a person who knows, what he wants without creating any drama. I do not care about the financial status of my partner or which car he has. I just care about his honesty. Loyalty, and behaviour towards me. I believe that we can be happy with an honest and kind person. I want my man to be tall, cheerful, caring, and charismatic. For me, it is very important that my man has no bad habits. I hate guys who smoke because I am allergic to the smoke of cigarettes and I can't handle that. Well, if you are interested in my profile and if you not have any bad habits only then drop a message if you need a Cheap escorts in Bangalore. 


If you ask nicely and treat me like the classy escort lady. My size 34 D breasts and the rest of her flawless body. I am dressing sexy as always, decent that makes me what substance I am of. I am a fabulous Cheap escorts in Bangalore who had experiences that very few women have had, and all that has made me so desirable, that many clients. The look that I have in my lovely eyes can mesmerize people within moments.

I am a hot, beautiful, classy, enjoyable, excellent seductress Cheap escorts in Bangalore companion for your wild desires. This steaming beauty is the perfect match with charm and sex-appeal! I am full of intensity be it about my personality or about my passionate love-making! This scintillating deity can satiate your every need with my powerful sex appeal!

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Hindi, English

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