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I am Falguni Chabra and I am basically from Chennai. But right now I am living in Bangalore. By profession, I am an internet security Analyst you can also call me an artist because create lovely sketches of people I love. My close friends would describe me as a crazy, naughty, trustworthy and smart lady and as far as my looks are concern I look like a International babe due to my strong DNA. I am also intelligent and understanding too. With all these beautiful qualities I am also a dreamer who believes that miracles happen in our lives. I love to travel, surprises, and listening to slow and romantic music. Other than that, I am try my luck in Bangalore Russian escort because of my appearance.

I always have last-minute plans for everything. I am an open-minded girl and I don't mind if my partner has a girl-friends in his life. Like all other girls, I also love to be photographed. I am here to looking for a partner who can be in a serious relationship with me. I am not looking for any prince charming. I am just looking for a simple man who can love me unconditionally without judging me or my choices. I would like to become a person with Bangalore Russian escort intent.

You can have limitless options for your needs with Bangalore Russian escort and would keep yourself engaged in some steamy activities.

I am seeking someone with whom I can feel comfortable, safe and protective. I don't mind if he smokes cigarettes because I can make him leave that too. If you think that you are ready for a serious relationship then drop me a text if you are also want to be with a Bangalore Russian escort.

I am not perfection, I am a typical woman who can paint eyelashes and drive, I am a fan of the Pooh cartoon, and I travel everywhere with my Piglet. I found the meaning of my life, and if you want the same, I can help you. It's something that helps me to wake up with a smile on my face and be productive and ambitious. I have a lot to give to my man, and I want a man from whom I can learn some new things as Bangalore Russian escort needs.

I hope that I will be with a man who has a good sense of humour. I hope we will always have things to talk about, we will be simply good friends and then of course we will be able to be great lovers and simply life partners. If you want to be my partner in crime, to have real life, not virtual, I would be happy to discover you and to let you discover Bangalore Russian escort that is me.

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Hindi, English

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