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I am Kiara Kapoor and I am basically from Bangalore. I born and brought up here and I am living here on my own home. My parents live in Delhi but I always wanted to have my own house.

By profession, I am a Dance choreographer and I started learning dance when I was six years old. I had also won the number of awards too. Right now I am running my own dance classes and I also own other three dance class branches. I have had started earning at a very early age. I used to choreograph at different events, marriage functions and programs. It's been a roller coaster ride for me to reach here and to buy my own home by earnings from Bangalore girlfriend experience.

About my personal life, well I don’t really mix up with my parents. I don’t know why maybe because I've had been living in a hostel from when I was in 3rd standard. Actually, I haven’t really lived in my parent's house. I used to come to my home only for a number of occasions and festivals. I have had always lived under restrictions and orders. But, now I want to live my life on my own terms. I want to enjoy my life by making new friends, going out, partying and many more.

I am looking for someone who can be in a short term relationship with me. I really don’t want any long term relationship right now because I want to enjoy someone's company first and if I feel that yeah! He might be the love of my life than I can think of to commit in the relationship.

I am seeking someone who can believe in me, someone who is attractive and someone who can be faithful to me as Bangalore girlfriend experience are faithful to their clients.

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I grew in a town where everything was forbidden. I couldn't have any kind of relationship or sexual experience. And now that I am free, I am ready to explore all my sexuality and to learn a lot about men, love and sex. I use to like private dates, for you and me alone. I am better in an one to one conversation than talking to a lot of people at the same time. In this sense, I have to add that Bangalore girlfriend experience prefer to only listen to you and learn about your personality, preferences, desires and thoughts in general.

That's how I can understand better what you are looking for and how I can provide it to you. I am very outgoing person and can adapt to any personality. If you are a shy guy, don't worry! I am here for you and will take care of you all the time.

At least in the first date. If we meet couple of times I can let you explore my glory hole as Bangalore girlfriend experience. Besides that, I feel really comfortable making all the standards and I am sure I will be your favorite  escort. If you decide to try me one time. Don't waste your time and book a date with me.

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