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I am Madhuri and I am Thirty-four years old. Well, yeah! I know you won't believe it because I still look like a twenty-five-year-old woman.

I am basically from Dehradun but right now I am living in Bangalore. By profession, I am a cooking teacher. Well, yeah you can also call me a master chef but I don’t work at a big five stars hotel. I love to share my knowledge and that’s why I am running a course for those who want to learn cooking and different creative dishes. And I can cook and eat you as an amazing Bangalore escort.

About my personal life, well! I had a very painful and disturbing past. Most of the time I ignore it because I really don’t like talking about it every time. I had an arranged marriage six years ago. Everything was going smooth but suddenly my husband had a major loss in his business and things were totally changed after that. He used to torture me all the time, he used to abuse me and even beat me with his belt every time. I was letting it go because I knew that he was not stable at that time. But I found a way out of this shitty life when I came to know about Bangalore escort.

I got divorced from him three years ago and now I am looking for a partner with whom I can spend the rest of my life. I am looking for someone supportive, helpful and calm person. I am looking for someone who can help make me forget my past and all the horrible things I went through.

I am seeking someone who is relaxed and thoughtful. Someone who can deal with problems and situations in life maturely and easily. If you think that we can be a match then drop me a message.

They like to have some friendly conversation. Bangalore escort can make great things with your entertainer and steamy discussions to start it going.

Keeping in mind the end goal to draw out a large measure of fulfillment. Additionally, the more significant part of the people are observed to connect with into various types of exercises. Indeed, even one can discover somebody getting the administration of the amazing Bangalore escort. Likewise, who might give out multiple forms of the pleasurable service? There are distinctive courses through which one would get a large measure of satisfaction and various other pleasure.

I am working as aBangalore escort from couple of years. I have my own rules & regulation to live my life. Everything get in to place when you represent yourself with an positive attitude. Being a escort by profession my personality will impress you and you will really need to spend a valuable time with me. My lusty body will make you crazy. I am good looking & charming human being with a natural body figure and sexy legs which make any person crazy about Bangalore escort. I would be available any time for my clients.

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